Beyond Youth Custody

Proving ‘effectiveness’ in resettlement

15 March 2016

This briefing explores the different ways ‘effectiveness’ is measured among stakeholders involved in the resettlement of young people. Specifically, how these ‘indicators’ or ‘outcomes’ shape the priorities for resettlement services and provide evidence of the value and impact of the work that they undertake for commissioners and policy makers, as well as society more generally. The briefing explores reasons why it is important to prove effectiveness, considers some of the challenges involved, and comments on some of the different ways of measuring service effectiveness. It is hoped that by exploring these issues a clearer picture will emerge which will support, extend and share good practice, generate practice-based evidence of impact, and help the development of commissioning frameworks; all of which, it is hoped, will support the young person’s shift in their identity and away from crime.

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Resettlement of young offenders: informing practice, improving outcomes