Beyond Youth Custody



22 April 2014 | | Theme:

Adam has ADHD. His home life had been particularly difficult and traumatic. When he was released from Youth Offenders he needed a high level of support and encouragement in order to turn his life around.


7 April 2014 | | Theme:

Katy’s troubled home life led her to develop a significant drug habit which quickly developed into an addiction. Katy witnessed the violent death of her boyfriend. She began to get more and more involved in criminal activity in order to buy the drugs she needed to block out the emotional hurt and associated bad memories.


7 April 2014 | | Theme:

Matthew had an extensive criminal history when he was referred to the YIF project via Probation. He had a history of mental problems which included self-harm. He admits that his crimes were often committed under the influence of alcohol, although accessing the support services that he needed was often the biggest problem that he faced in terms of not reoffending.


7 April 2014 | | Theme:

When Petey was seven years old his substance misusing father used to give him amphetamines which made it difficult for him to concentrate at school. As he got older, Petey spent time living in care and later on he spent time in custody for violent offences. Eventually he became homeless whilst also suffering from psychiatric illness.


7 April 2014 | | Theme:

Steven was considered to be at medium risk of reoffending when he was released from his first custodial sentence. Without a strong network of family and friends, he found resettlement quite difficult. In addition, Steven struggled with substance misuse and mental health problems.


Resettlement of young offenders: informing practice, improving outcomes