Beyond Youth Custody



7 April 2014 | | Theme:

Ches had an emotionally traumatic upbringing. His offending behaviour began when he was 13 years old. He has ADHD and has found it difficult to resist peer pressure


7 April 2014 | | Theme:

Martin formed a bond with the YIF resettlement team which was helped by them bringing him some lunch on the day of his release from YOI. He tried hard to engage in the programme of activities that was provided. Progress was gradual, however he managed to deal with some of the issues which had previously been a problem in his life.


7 April 2014 | | Theme:

Sean drifted into criminal behaviour with a group of his friends. After he left school he was dealing drugs and he thought that he wouldn’t get caught. After serving a custodial sentence he became involved with the YIF project and within a year was a peer mentor and role model for others.


7 April 2014 | | Theme:

Wayne came out of YOI and went straight into a job that had been organised for him by the YOT. After this particular work had dried up Wayne was able to get involved with a bike project which led to his participation in the Coast to Coast race for charity. He has not reoffended and has become involved with some peer mentoring.


Resettlement of young offenders: informing practice, improving outcomes