Beyond Youth Custody


In 2012, Jon was coming to the end of his detention and training order in a secure training centre. He had served two years for armed robbery and was due to be supervised on licence by the YOS on his release.

There were concerns about the high risk of harm to Jon on his release from custody as a result of his historical and current gang involvement. Intelligence from police and the Serious Youth Violence team suggested that there would be a serious risk to Jon’s life if he were to return to his home borough and direct threats had been made to Jon and his family.

As Jon had turned 18 shortly before his release, securing statutory assistance with finding accommodation was complicated. Safe areas were identified and an assessment of Jon’s needs was completed. Following discussions with various local authorities, a reciprocal agreement was put in place between Jon’s home borough and a North London borough, far enough away from Jon’s home to keep him safe. Jon was released, placed in temporary accommodation, and once details were finalised Jon moved into a supportive accommodation pathway.

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Resettlement of young offenders: informing practice, improving outcomes