Beyond Youth Custody



22 August 2016 | Theme:

Adisa found it difficult to adjust to life outside after he was sentenced to custody when he was 16


22 August 2016 | Theme:

Daniel had served a number of previous prison sentences. He talks about dealing with ‘freedom’


22 August 2016 | Theme:

James’s project worker met him on his day of release to ease his anxieties about being in unfamiliar places and using public transport


22 August 2016 | Theme:

Michael spent his 21st birthday on remand in prison. After being released straight from court, it took him some time to get used to a different routine


26 July 2016 | Theme:

Ash was referred to the vulnerable prisoner unit due to ongoing investigation into historic head injuries, following episodes of impulsive and erratic behaviour


19 July 2016 | Theme:

Curtis and his partner Emma both have experience of custody and drug dependence. Emma’s mum helps them look after their children


19 July 2016 | Theme:

When Lance was younger, his family were supported by his local youth offending service (YOS). As an adult under probation, this no longer happens


19 July 2016 | Theme:

Lee’s mum is under pressure to stop visiting him. He’s about to lose what family he has. Lee doesn’t know that yet


19 July 2016 | Theme:

Shelley wouldn’t call her ex-friends a gang but some might see it like that. She had no family to speak of. As a care leaver, social services were supposed to support her – Shelley’s case worker showed her how to ask for what she needed


19 July 2016 | Theme:

Tyler’s mum was scared of her son and the dangers he brought into their home. Tyler and a number of his associates were arrested for attacking another young man. The fall-out brought the situation to a head


Resettlement of young offenders: informing practice, improving outcomes